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Baupanel SystemBaupanel System
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La construcción y el medio ambienteLa construcción y el medio ambiente
Eficiencia energética y respeto al medio ambiente
La construcción sostenible

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Efficient Building Solutions

The most widespread sustainable integral construction system in all
Spain by prestigious architects and construction companies.

Baupanel® System is committed to Almost Zero Consumption ECCN in the structure of homes and buildings of any height.

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The most widespread sustainable comprehensive construction system throughout Spain


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Licencias de Fabricación

Manufactoring Licences

For the production of Baupanel® System panels anywhere in the world.

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3 Building Solutions

Complying with the new Technical Building Code

Integral Construction with Baupanel® System

The integral construction system Baupanel® System, with great mechanical capacity, allows the construction of houses and buildings with almost zero consumption at low cost.

The constructive simplicity allows a significant reduction in construction time with respect to the traditional system since with a single element the structure, facades, partitions, slabs, roof, lintels, braces and thermo-acoustic insulation are formed.

As a result of its low own weight (up to 50% less than the traditional system) the necessary foundation volume will be reduced and therefore significant savings in materials and labor will also be obtained in these tasks.

Enclosures of buildings with Baupanel® System

The Baupanel® System enclosure system allows housing and building envelopes to be made without thermal bridges on the edges of the slab and pillars.

It is used in new construction and structural rehabilitation of existing facades.

In a single batch, insulation and enclosure are installed, reducing execution times and labor. The result is a lightweight reinforced concrete wall that allows anchoring all types of cladding systems without generating thermal bridges.

It allows to make curved, inclined enclosures and special designs for any type of architecture.

Thermal Insulation SATE with Baupanel® System

BauSATEi® is a system designed for the rehabilitation of the thermal envelope of buildings. It improves its thermal insulation in order to achieve a comfortable interior temperature throughout the year. The resulting energy saving can reach 50 KW-h/m2 year depending on the insulation thickness selected, and allows obtaining the green zone of the Energy Efficiency Rating (A, B and Null Consumption).

Resistant to vandalism, BauSATEi® It is made up of a folded plate of expanded polystyrene, with a steel mesh attached to it by means of connectors. It is completed on site by applying a layer of mortar with a compressive strength greater than 15 MPa and an average thickness of 20 mm, which gives it its characteristic strength.

Over 30 years building homes – efficiently

Gallery of Built Projects

Sample of projects built in Spain by local construction companies from each province, using the Baupanel® construction system