Baupanel® System Distributors and Installers

Reasons to join the Baupanel® System team

Baupanel® System, suppliers of efficient structures that make the construction of any building profitable.

As manufacturers of the Baupanel® System and its different products, we offer a construction system with more than 35 years of experience and quality certifications for the most innovative sustainable construction on the market.

The many advantages of using the Baupanel® construction system benefit developers, builders, architects and the final consumer.

Professionals in the construction sector can offer our construction system to clients, with economic benefits as an approved distributor or installer.

Ingeniería de la construcción, sistema constructivo Baupanel
I+D+i Baupanel® System - Investigación y desarrollo.

Baupanel® distribution network in Spain

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We carefully choose customers who share the commitment of Baupanel® System with business ethics and dedicate all our attention to help them succeed and make their construction projects profitable. We value a long-term healthy relationship with distributors, generated on the basis of the satisfaction of the final consumer.

In addition, it offers comprehensive technical assistance during the construction process to customers who need it. We believe that a pleasurable end-user experience is the result of sophisticated products supplied by knowledgeable distributors.

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    The uninterrupted support to the distributors is the translation into action of the Baupanel® System commitment.

    Benefits for Distributors

    • More than 200 DEVELOPERS profit from their construction projects
    • Reduction of DELIVERY TIMES of between 20% and 50%
    • 100 times more RESISTANT than a conventional structure
    • NO LIMIT ON HEIGHTS or DESIGN in building construction
    • More than 500 ARCHITECTS design their projects with Baupanel
    • CERTIFICATIONS of technical suitability, fire and international construction
    • CUSTOM MANUFACTURING and shipments to work quickly
    • EXPERIENCE more than 20 years in Spain and 40 in the world
    • THERMAL INSULATION Energy Savings of 40%
    • Resistance to any NATURAL EVENT, Fire, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, etc.
    • ENERGY EFFICIENCY – Passivhaus and Energy Rating A
    • More than 300 CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES use the Baupanel construction system