More than 30 years Building Homes – Efficiently

Baupanel® System has obtained Patents, Certificate of Technical Suitability, Fire Certifications and International Construction

Certification DIT – Document of Technical Suitability, granted in 2003 and revised in 2017, eliminating any height restriction in the construction.

Patents granted for panel building:
BauSATEi®, Baupanel® y Baucustic®.

London Underground Product Certification product certificate obtained in the United Kingdom in 2015.

Certificate for construction in Nicaragua, obtained by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure in 2013.

Certificate for the construction in Bahamas of the Ministry of Urban Planning and Development in 2014.

SIRIM QAS Fire Certificate (120 minutes) for construction in Malaysia in 2014.

AFITI Fire Certificate (120 minutes) for construction in Spain in 2003.

Certificate for construction in Abu Dhabi, obtained in 2010.

BUET certification obtained by the University of Engineering in Bangladesh in 2012.

Certificate for construction in Algeria C.N.E.R.I.B obtained in 2015.

Construction Gallery – International Projects

Sample of projects built by local construction companies in each province, using the Baupanel® construction system
using the Baupanel® construction system