Technical Seminars

For our clients, we carried out technical training sessions and training of work teams, especially at the level of commissioning of the system and homologation of installation companies of the Baupanel® System.

These technical conferences are taught by qualified technical staff and have different duration depending on the initial level of the student body.

For technical office staff the training includes methods of structural calculation and details of system execution.

For construction personnel, the training includes implementation of the system at the level of white works (placement and joining of the different parts of the Baupanel dry system) and gray work (microconcrete projection phase).

Conferencia en Sevilla sobre Baupanel® System, 2018

May 2018. Baupanel® System Conference at the Higher Technical School of Building Engineering, University of Seville.

Exposiciones del Sistema

We carry out exhibitions of our efficient building system before professional groups, public administrations and other public or private entities that may be interested in knowing our constructive system, Baupanel®.

These presentations are made by qualified technical personnel, have an estimated duration of one hour to an hour and a half, depending on the technical level.

They provide detailed information on construction systems and there are different levels of technical complexity depending on the target audience.

October 2017. Technical conference at the Construction Fair of Andalusia, Instalándalus 2017.


We will soon announce the webinars with free participation for builders and architects.

If you want to receive information by email with the dates of the next webinar on construction engineering, where we will answer all your queries about the Passivhaus Baupanel® System, sign up now.

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