Envolvente Térmica SATE Exterior e InteriorLa construcción y el medio ambienteEnvolvente térmica SATE BauSATEi®
External thermal insulation systems (SATE),
improve the energy efficiency of buildings
and the interior comfort of homes.
Passivhaus Homes and Buildings
SATE - Exterior and interior thermal envelope

Designed for the rehabilitation of the thermal envelope of buildings

Envolvente Térmica BauSATEi

BauSATEi® is a SATE panel system designed for the rehabilitation of the thermal envelope of buildings.

It improves its thermal insulation in order to achieve a comfortable interior temperature throughout the year.

The resulting energy savings can reach 50 KW-h/m2 year depending on the insulation thickness selected, and allows obtaining the green area of the Energy Efficiency Rating (A, B and Null Consumption).

Exterior and Interior SATE Thermal Insulation
Revalue your home with SATE insulation

Revalue your home

A home with SATE thermal insulation will increase its value due to its low consumption rating.

We take care of the environment


Reducing energy use lessens the negative impact on the environment. Read more.

Comfort and Health at home with SATE insulation

Confort y salud

Without condensation or drastic temperature changes, you will enjoy a stable temperature in your home.

Acoustic rest with SATE insulation

Acoustic rest

SATE – BauSATEi® systems also provide acoustic insulation, so you can rest.

SATE for low consumption

Low consumption

With SATE thermal insulation of facades, net energy consumption can be reduced by up to 60%.

SATE rehabilitation provides great savings in heating and air conditioning costs by reducing the U value of thermal transmittance of the building.

100 times more resistant than conventional SATE solutions

BauSATEi® is 100 times more resistant (300 joules) since it has been developed from an expanded polystyrene plate reinforced with a high-resistance galvanized steel mesh; the zig zag profile of the plate allows a robust layer of micro concrete to be housed.

Alta resistencia a impactos

Protección mecánica del edificio

Excluye la necesidad de eliminar el revestimiento original

Alta resistencia a la flexión

No propaga el fuego

Reduce la solicitación térmica de la estructura

¿Why using BauSATEi®?

BauSATEi® is the result of research carried out by the Baupanel® System R&D department to improve everything that exists to date in terms of external thermal insulation systems, commonly known in Spain as SATE systems.

SATE exterior thermal insulation systems improve the energy efficiency of buildings and the interior comfort of buildings, allowing sustainability criteria to be met.

In addition, thermal bridges are eliminated, avoiding the risk of interstitial condensation and heat loss inside the homes.

The SATE thermal envelope transfers the potential dew point outside the building structure, optimizing the use of thermal inertia and limiting fluctuations in the interior temperature of the building.

SATE panels for interior or exterior facades.

BauSATEi® SATE Panels

Made in Spain

SATE BauSATEi® panels, from Baupanel® System, are made up of a folded plate of expanded polystyrene, with a steel mesh attached to it by means of 40 connectors each m2.

The thickness of the plate can vary between 30 and 300 mm according to the insulation requirements of the building and its density is that corresponding to Class III: 15 Kg/m3, with a thermal conductivity U = 0.037 W/m K.

It is completed on site by applying a layer of concrete with a compressive strength greater than 16 MP and an average thickness of 20 mm, which gives it its characteristic strength.

More advantages of rehabilitation with SATE

Ahorro energético

No reduce la superficie útil

Aumenta el valor de la propiedad

Aumenta la vida útil del edificio

Contribuye al aislamiento acústico

Respetuoso con el medio ambiente

Renueva el aspecto de la fachada

Corrige grietas y fisuras

Tiene bajo coste de mantenimiento

Mejora la impermeabilidad

Installation of SATE panels on the façade

Designed for the rehabilitation of Passivhaus buildings, BauSATEi® is anchored to the façade either by means of polypropylene plugs with nylon nails or with 6mm diameter corrugated steel bars.

Place SATE panels on the façade, step by step

Where to buy SATE panels?

At Baupanel, we are manufacturers of SATE panels for the thermal envelope of buildings and homes. You can order materials here and if you need it, we can also manage the installation for you.

Place an order SATE panels.

Do you want to be a SATE distributor?

Building materials distributors and SATE installers can ask us for information to benefit from the distribution of Baupanel® System thermal insulation systems.

SATE panel distributors for thermal insulation.
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