Who are we?

The Baupanel® System Team, Spain
The Baupanel® System Team, Spain

Baupanel® System is a group of companies that was born in Spain in mid-2003, created by a core of professionals with extensive experience in the field of construction, technology and industrial processes.

Our goal

To develop an effective construction system that reduces the cost and time of execution. And that at the same time increase the structural quality and the thermal and acoustic insulation of the buildings. With these premises and after several years of research and development the construction system Baupanel was born.

Currently Baupanel® System in Spain is one of the best solutions for compliance with the Technical Building Code.

Baupanel® collects more than 35 years of experience in pre-industrialized systems and consolidates them into a refined product, which in recent years has become a valuable alternative in the sector of the construction industry, with presence throughout the national territory and a progressive international expansion.

Baupanel® aims to provide a constructive solution based on traditional materials such as: steel, expanded polystyrene and concrete. These materials guarantee us in a single product, an enormous structural capacity, together with an excellent thermal behavior.

The Team

Baupanel® System is composed of a dynamic commercial team, plus a solid and experienced technical team, composed of architects, engineers and draughtsmen who are in charge of the study, development and adaptation of the projects conceived with traditional system that must be executed later by our technology , as well as projects that start from scratch.

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Technical Maintenance

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Production Manager

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Baupanel® System has a team of highly qualified professionals who ensure that each project achieves maximum efficiency through the Baupanel® construction system, being present throughout the product’s value chain, from its conception in the design phase, control in the manufacturing process of the materials, integration with the rest of the construction systems that make up a project and supervision of the work in order to guarantee the quality control of the product in all its phases and to meet the requirements demanded in each project.

Research + Development + Innovation

Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación
Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación

Baupanel® System devotes great efforts in R + D + i. As a result, it has developed new fields of application for the panel and registered numerous utility models.

Baupanel® System is a world leader in the scope and technical performance of its products.

The improvements developed by the R + D + i department are translated into specific lines of work for the improvement of its products and its application in works.

The most outstanding lines of work in the innovation process are the following:

Quality Control in Works

The micro-concrete is one of the most important materials that make up our construction system and from Baupanel® we give it the importance it requires to guarantee the quality of the projects.

Work has been done on the development of various mortar formulations to meet different needs depending on their application.

As a result of this line of work, the mortars and concrete used in the Baupanel® Construction System are dosed considering the strict compliance with the 3 essential aspects for them:

  • Mechanical strength. The resistance requirement must be met according to the needs of each project and to the regulatory provisions that impose a characteristic resistance value of 25 MPa.
  • This aspect is of fundamental importance for the concretes developed by Baupanel® to be projected by the machines that are usually used by mortar and plaster companies.
  • Retraction. The concretes are designed so that their contraction value at infinite time does not exceed 200 μ per meter.

Before carrying out any sample for mechanical tests, specimens are prepared in which the required properties are checked to guarantee a perfect correlation between the theoretical behavior and the actual result of the tests.

Collaboration agreements in research programs

Research work related to the Baupanel® System has been developed with various companies and national organizations such as:

  • Polytechnic University of Valencia

    • Design, optimization, mechanical analysis and study of the energy efficiency of the Baupanel® system. (Baucad3D).
    • Structural optimization and sustainability criteria. Efficiency of systems based on Multilayer Structural Panels.
  • Institute of Construction Sciences Eduardo Torroja, Madrid

    • Test programs for the development of mechanical capabilities of the Baupanel® System.
    • Program of acoustic tests with absorbent materials in the Baupanel® System.
  • SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia

    • Resistance study to wall fire with vertical load.
  • Bangladesh University of Civil Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh.

    • Philosophy of design and construction procedures of the Baupanel® System.

Baupanel® System complies with EHE and CTE regulations and holds the Certificate of Technical Ideality (DIT number 558R / 17), granted by the Institute of Construction Sciences, Eduardo Torroja.

Baupanel® System Certifications