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¿Who is Baupanel® System?

Baupanel® System is a group of companies that was born in Spain in mid-2003, created by a core of professionals with extensive experience in the field of construction, research, technology and industrial processes.

Experience and Professionalism

The Baupanel® System gathers over 40 years of experience in pre-industrialized systems that are consolidated in a refined material, spread as a valuable alternative in the construction sector, and that is used today by the main construction companies in the country in the entire national territory.

Baupanel® System is present internationally with a progressive expansion in various countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, with manufacturing plants already underway in Ghana, Kenya and Antigua.

Our Goal

Develop an effective construction system that, based on traditional materials such as steel, expanded polystyrene and concrete, combined in a single product to obtain enormous structural capacity together with excellent thermo-acoustic insulation and that at the same time allows a significant reduction of costs and execution time.

Under these premises, the Baupanel® System construction system was born, which in Spain has become one of the best solutions for full compliance with the Technical Building Code (CTE).

Our Factory

Baupanel® System is a manufacturer of the integral construction system and SATE. From our factory and technical office, we train installers and advise on all construction projects with Baupanel® structure and insulation.

Our Team

Baupanel® System has a team of highly qualified professionals who ensure that each project achieves maximum efficiency through the Baupanel® construction system, being present throughout the product value chain, from its conception in the design phase, control in the manufacturing process of the materials, integration with the rest of the building systems that make up a project and supervision of the commissioning to guarantee the quality control of the product in all its phases and achieve the requirements demanded in each project.

Baupanel® System is made up of a dynamic and experienced technical team, made up of architects, engineers and draftsmen who are in charge of the study, development and adaptation of projects conceived with the traditional system that must be later executed using our technology, as well as projects that start from zero.

The commercial network of Baupanel® System extends throughout the national territory, with delegations, branches and independent distributors. A constantly growing network with new manufacturing centers in different areas of Spain and Portugal, as well as other countries such as Antigua and Ghana.

Fabrica Baupanel System
Fabrica Baupanel System
Fabrica Baupanel System
Fabrica Baupanel System