Montaje de paneles sateLa construcción y el medio ambiente
How are the panels placed?
Installation of SATE panels

Assembly of SATE panels on facades

Envolvente térmica SATE BauSATEi®

Exterior and interior sate thermal envelope

Designed for the rehabilitation of Passivhaus buildings, BauSATEi® is anchored to the façade either by means of polypropylene plugs with nylon nails or with 6mm diameter corrugated steel bars.

The number of fixings required is given according to a mechanical calculation applying the criteria of the CTE-DB-SE-AE, particularly section 3.3 where the wind forces are collected according to the geographical location, degree of roughness of the environment, height above sea level , and the shape and orientation of the façade. Usually 5 fixings per m2 are required.

Once the SATE panels are placed and anchored to the façade, the high-resistance mortar layer is applied, which will be given with 15 mm masters placed on the steel mesh. Taking into account the depth of the fold (11 mm) and the diameter of the elements of the steel mesh (2.5 mm), this layer acquires the average thickness of 20 mm. It is applied with a spray machine and finished with a mastered and floated finish.

The finished surface may be completed as indicated in the project by means of paint, acrylic mortar, cladding or similar.

Assembly of sate panels on the facade

SATE assembly phases

How are sate panels mounted in homes?
How are sate panels mounted in homes?
How are sate panels mounted in homes?
How are sate panels mounted in homes?

The installation of SATE panels begins by placing the first panel in the lower corner of the building. The panel is placed oriented with the side lap on the left and the longitudinal lap on the bottom.

The façade is upholstered by placing the SATE panels from left to right and from bottom to top in horizontal rows.

Once all the tying points have been made, the anchors have been placed and the holes and corners have been reinforced, the high-resistance mortar can be sprayed.

There will be two stages of projected concrete made in situ with the dosage indicated by the Baupanel® System.

The finishing layer is made up of a coating (thin layer, monolayer, acrylic mortar or elastomeric paint) waterproof to rainwater and breathable, being able to make different finishes such as scratched, drop, floated, smooth, etc.

Technical specifications

BPS · BauSATEi® Panels

SATE panels from Baupanel System are designed for cladding as a thermal insulation system both on the outside and inside, for use in buildings with enclosures executed with the traditional system.

The transversal reinforcement is 1 Ø 2.5 every 75 mm.

BauSATEi® panels are supplied in 2m long x 1.10m wide plates.

Technical sheet of SATE panels

SATE panel of Baupanel System
SATE Panels
Ref. Weight
Polystyrene mm Ø Reinforcement Mesh Ø Connectors mm Average concrete thickness mm Finished panel thickness mm Total weight finished panel Kg/m2 Minimum Airborne Noise Insulation dB(A) Thermal transmittance (W/m2K)
BPS 30 30 15 Ø2,5 3 23 53 50 30,2 1,009
BPS 40 40 15 Ø2,5 3 23 63 50,2 30,2 0,797
BPS 50 50 15 Ø2,5 3 23 73 50,4 30,3 0,658
BPS 60 60 15 Ø2,5 3 23 83 50,6 30,3 0,561
BPS 70 70 15 Ø2,5 3 23 93 50,7 30,3 0,488
BPS 80 80 15 Ø2,5 3 23 103 50,9 30,3 0,432
BPS 90 90 15 Ø2,5 3 23 113 51,1 30,4 0,388
BPS 100 100 15 Ø2,5 3 23 123 51,3 30,4 0,352
BPS 110 110 15 Ø2,5 3 23 133 51,4 30,4 0,322
BPS 125 125 15 Ø2,5 3 23 148 51,6 30,4 0,286
BPS 140 140 15 Ø2,5 3 23 163 51,9 30,5 0,257
BPS 165 165 15 Ø2,5 3 23 188 52,3 30,5 0,219
BPS 200 200 15 Ø2,5 3 23 223 53 30,6 0,182

Where to buy SATE panels?

At Baupanel, we are manufacturers of SATE panels for the thermal envelope of buildings and homes. You can order materials here and if you need it, we can also manage the installation for you.

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Building materials distributors and SATE installers can ask us for information to benefit from the distribution of Baupanel® System thermal insulation systems.

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Everything you need to know about SATE

The SATE thermal envelope provides exterior and interior thermal insulation in buildings and homes, resulting in energy savings and the Energy Efficiency Rating (A, B and Null Consumption).

Exterior and Interior SATE Thermal Insulation