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Baupanel® System Licenses

Baupanel® System, is a pre-industrialized construction system, which has become a benchmark in Spain and worldwide as a leading company in the sector. It is currently the only construction system for expanded polystyrene panels + steel mesh in Spain, which has all the construction and quality certifications in force.

In recent years Baupanel® has experienced remarkable growth, with its international penetration beyond continental Europe, thus exceeding all expectations. Currently, Baupanel® System is present in various countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

We are in a position to offer our clients all the latest generation industrial machinery, so that they can produce Baupanel® construction panels anywhere in the world, through the granting of Panel Manufacturing Licenses. In this way, our licensees will be able to carry out any construction project, with total success regardless of its magnitude.

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In Baupanel® System, in addition to giving our clients a “turnkey” panel production plant, we also offer an extensive training program and advice on the correct use of the system, focusing mainly on the following areas:

  • Certifications: we provide our clients with advice and technical support to obtain the certification of the product in the country of implementation that is required. For this we already have certificates in several countries that will serve as adequate credentials and extensive references for certification bodies and institutions. Baupanel® System Certifications.
  • Engineering: formação para o dimensionamento e cálculo de estruturas Baupanel e a transformação de projetos técnicos de construção tradicional em projetos Baupanel.
  • Manufacturing: training for the optimal operation, management and maintenance of the Baupanel® industrial panel production plant that is installed anywhere in the world.
  • Construction: training of foremen, site managers and operators for the learning and correct use of our technology, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance, wherever our Baupanel® construction system is used.

The Baupanel System Panel Manufacturing License guarantees the success of the most revolutionary and efficient construction system, with unbeatable growth potential.

We also offer our customers the best quality / price ratio of all the most effective technological solutions for the realization of their enterprises.

We understand that “good work” in our clients’ projects are our best publicity and are an example to follow for many.


We currently have the most advanced technology for the development of our industrial machinery for the manufacture of panels, in which we provide the highest quality in electronics, micro-mechanics and necessary automatisms that allow us to optimize performance and product quality.

All our machines have remote assistance through conventional telephone networks.

In addition to providing all the necessary machinery equipment for the manufacture of Baupanel® System, we offer our clients complete assistance in the design of the production plant, adapted to their needs and their market.

The company is committed to expanding the product internationally and will use various combinations of business models to achieve success.

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