Who Are We?

Baupanel® is part of a group of companies founded in mid-2013 by a group  of young professionals with extensive experience in the fields of construction, technology and industrial processes.

The objective was to develop an efficient construction system that reduces cost and build time, whilst at the same time improving the structural quality and thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings. The Baupanel system was born on these premises, in addition to many years of research.

Currently, BAUPANEL® is one of the best solutions for compliance with Spain’s Technical Building Code.

Baupanel® embodies more than thirty-two years’ experience in pre-industrialized systems, consolidated into a refined product that in recent years has been expanding as a valuable alternative in the construction industry sector, with a nationwide presence and a continuing international expansion.

Baupanel® has the goal of providing a construction solution based on traditional materials like steel, expanded polystyrene and cement. These materials guarantee, in a unique product, a very large structural capacity combined with excellent thermal performance.

Our Team

Baupanel® has a dynamic sales team plus a solid, experienced technical team composed of architects, engineers and draughtsmen who are charged with study, design and adaptation of projects conceived on the traditional system that have to then be carried out using our technology, as well as projects starting from scratch.

Personalised Engineering

Baupanel® has a highly qualified team of engineers responsible for each project achieving maximum efficiency by means of the Baupanel® construction system.  They oversee the product’s entire value chain, from its conception in the design phase, monitoring the material fabrication process, integration with the other construction systems that form a project and supervision of the commissioning work. This guarantees quality control of the project throughout every phase and to achieve the requirements demanded by each project.

Research + Development + Innovation

Baupanel® puts great effort into R&D&I. As a result it has developed new fields of application of the panel, and registered numerous utility models.

Baupanel® is a world leader when it comes to the scope and technical performance(s) of its products.

The benefits that the R&D&I department develop are translated into specific lines of work for the improvement of products and their application in projects.

The most notable lines of work in the innovation process are as follows:

Onsite Quality Control

Micro concrete is one of the most important materials in our construction system and Baupanel® places the requisite importance on this material to guarantee quality control in projects.

We have worked in the development of various forms of mortar to satisfy the different needs in accordance with its application.

Because of this work, the mortars and concretes used in the Baupanel® system are measured considering strict compliance with the three essential characteristics for these materials:

  • Mechanical strength. It must comply with the strength requirement according to the needs of each project, and the regulations that require a strength resistance value of 25 MPa.
  • This aspect is of fundamental importance in order that the concretes developed by Baupanel® can be sprayed by the machines normally used by mortar and rendering companies.
  • Retraction. The concretes are designed so that their contraction value will not be more than 200 µ per meter in infinite time.

Before making any sample for mechanical trials, test moulds are prepared to test the required properties in order to guarantee a perfect correlation between the theoretical behaviour with the actual result of the test.

Research Programme Cooperation Agreements

Research programmes connected with the Baupanel® system have been developed with a variety of national companies and organisations such as:

  • Valencia Polytechnic University

    • Design optimization, mechanical analysis and study of the energy efficiency of the Baupanel® system (Baucad3D).
    • Structural optimization and sustainability criteria.  Efficiency of systems based on Multi Surface Structural Panels.
  • Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Sciences, Madrid

    • Test programmes for the development of mechanical capabilities of the Baupanel® system.
    • Programme of acoustic trials with absorbent materials in the Baupanel® system.
  • SIRIM QAS International SDN. BHD, Malaysia

    • Study of the fire resistance of the vertical load wall.
  • Bangladesh University of Civil Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh.

    • Design philosophy and construction procedures of the Baupanel® system.
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