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Baupanel®, Reinforced concrete monolithic structures

Baupanel is an integrated structural system that is seismic resistant, thermally and acoustically insulated, and is based on a set of structural panels.

Each element is constituted by a 3D structure with high resistance steel formed by two flat meshes strongly interconnected by multiple perpendicular bars.

The space left between the steel meshes is occupied by the insulating plate with characteristics suited to the needs of the project.

This set is completed on site by applying two layers of concrete of predetermined thickness either by pneumatic projection or pouring into formwork.

Baupanel® System complies with the EHE and CTE regulations, and also has numerous documents of technical suitability both from Spain (Technical Suitability Document n° 558/10, granted by the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences) and from other countries.

By linking the panels in a monolithic manner, according to the arrangement of walls and slabs, without interposition of joints of any kind, a super-three-dimensional structure of reinforced concrete is generated that allows all kinds of architectural works to be carried out, from single-family homes to multi-storey buildings.

The concrete elements hollowed out by the volume of the insulating plate, grant a combination of very high structural capacity, low own weight and great thermal-acoustic insulation.

Each element is made of a 3D structure in high resistance steel, defined by two flat meshes robustly interconnected by multiple perpendicular bars.

In addition, the very low thermal transmittance provided by the building system elements make it optimal for the realization of bioclimatic houses. You can easily reach the highest every scale ratings (A, B and C).

Regarding the safety in case of fire, it is certified with a fire resistance REI 240 minutes, its use being especially suitable as a fire element in high risk areas.

The constructive simplicity allows a significant reduction in the terms of work with respect to the traditional system since with a single element structure, facades, partitions, slabs, roof, lintels, braces and thermo-acoustic insulation are formed.

As a result of its low own weight (up to 50% less than the traditional system), the necessary volume of foundation will be reduced and therefore a significant saving of materials and labor in these tasks will also be obtained.

Baupanel® System is a versatile system that allows a more flexible and creative architecture, achieving economic and time savings, linked to an efficient and sustainable construction.

Baupanel® System collects more than 35 years of experience in pre-industrialized building systems and consolidates them into a refined product, which constitutes a valuable alternative in the construction industry sector, with presence throughout the national territory and a progressive international expansion.

Building Certifications:


Building Advantages

Light weight building materials

Light weight

Easy transport and installation. The weight of the panels prior to the application of micro-concrete varies according to type, from 3.5 kg / m2 up to 5 Kg / m2. This means a single operator can easily move more than 3 m2 of panel without help and with little effort.

sismic resistant building

Hurricane Resistant

Baupanel® System buildings constructed in areas with a high risk of cyclones have demonstrated the ability to withstand the force of Category 5 hurricanes with winds above 155 mph. Request more information.

fast and efficient building systems

Fast Installation

Numerous experiments carried out under the most diverse conditions in different countries of the world, and with very different levels in the training of the workforce, have proved an effective reduction of work execution times when compared to traditional building systems.

Light weight building materials

Acoustic Insulation

A simple Baupanel® panel with a 41 mm layer of concrete on each side provides acoustic insulation up to 40.7 dB (A) depending on the thickness of the panel. Our Baucustic® panel that allows to overcome 61 dB (A).

thermal insulation building system

Thermal Insulation

With EPS core of 4 cm minimum thickness with a density of 15 kg / m3 plus a layer of concrete of 41 mm of average thickness on both sides (total thickness 12 cm), Baupanel® offers U values of thermal transmittance between 0.77 W / m2K and 0.42 W / m2K. These levels of thermal insulation are much higher than traditional building enclosures.

building structure strength

Structure Strength

Numerous laboratory tests carried out in Spain and in countries around the world have demonstrated the increased structural strength of the Baupanel® System. The supporting function is also increased because all gravitation, seismic and wind actions are transferred to the foundation with much less of their own weight than the traditional system.

fire resistant building materials


The EPS used in the Baupanel® System panels is the Euroclass E type (self-extinguishing, which prevents the propagation of flames). The fire resistance tests carried out, for example in panels with an 8 cm core, have given values over 120 minutes, keeping the flames, smoke and gases tight, while maintaining complete integrity.

sísmic resistance

Seismic Resistant

Laboratory tests carried out on a two floor prototype true to scale have shown that the structure resists horizontal accelerations of 1.4 g that are far superior to the effect of a devastating first category earthquake, without suffering damage of any kind. The results obtained in these tests represent the scientific confirmation of what has already been proven by nature.

Energy savings and Environment Impact

Currently the construction sector is responsible for 40% of consumption of worldwide energy production.

In addition, the sector is responsible for 25% of the waste generated in the world.

However, Baupanel® main element is expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is an efficient and effective thermal insulation material and which plays an important role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, is making a very positive contribution to the reduction of global warming. CFCs or HCFCs are not used as foaming agents in the production of EPS, therefore its manufacture does not cause any damage to the ozone layer.

Throughout the remaining useful life of the building, Baupanel® ensures a significant reduction in the need for external energy input, thus achieving lower consumption of fossil fuels. This in turn leads to lower CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

For the purposes of the Energy Certification of Buildings, which is a requirement under the Directive 2002/91 / EC and Directive 2010/31 / EU, Baupanel® is a construction system that makes it possible for the building to have a maximum energy rating [class A] at an affordable price. This is due to its substantial thermal insulation, which is an added value for both developers and the building’s end users by reducing energy consumption bills for heating / cooling.

Properties of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Expanded polystyrene is a biologically inert, non-toxic and stable material.

It does not contribute to the formation of methane gas or provide any other potential greenhouse gases. Furthermore, its waste does not pose any risk of contamination to groundwater.

Expanded polystyrene is 100% RECYCLABLE. During production of the Baupanel® panels, virtually no EPS waste is produced, because the little waste resulting from cutting the blocks is recycled directly in the same production plant.

The polystyrene used for Baupanel®panels is the self-extinguishing type, that is, the material does not propagate flames.

Baupanel® System Applications

At present, Baupanel® can mainly be used in the following applications:

Currently the construction system Baupanel® System can be used mainly in the following applications:

  • Modular homes, luxury villas, semi-detached homes, with no design or shape limits.
  • Buildings in height, 100% integral, structures of buildings, conformed by structural and forged walls, without limit of heights.
  • Enclosures of facades, of traditional structures, without limitation of heights. Avoiding thermal bridges between the steps of slabs and columns.
  • Thermal insulation, exterior and interior, with BauSATEi® system that provides a thermal shock-resistant enclosure for buildings with enclosures executed with traditional system.
  • Rehabilitations and extensions of historic buildings with adaptation to current use.
  • Medians resolution with high level of acoustic insulation.
  • Remodeling piles screens and formation of buff cameras.
  • Ventilated facades
  • Retaining walls.
  • Civil work.
  • Curved shapes.
  • Cantilevers.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Facade elements of ornaments.
  • Massive and industrialized construction with recoverable concrete shuttering.
  • Combination with other construction systems such as metal or concrete structures, prefabricated, etc.

Assembly of Baupanel® System - Integration of Materials

The construction panels are placed on site according to the arrangement of walls, partitions and slabs that present your project are completed “in situ” through the application of micro-concrete through pneumatic drive devices. In this way, the panels make up the structural enclosure elements (vertical and horizontal) of a building, whose structural function is calculated according to the EHE Structural Concrete Instruction and the rest of mandatory regulations in force in Spain or in the country of application. This building system has a wet seal, since the union between the different elements that make up the system is continuous. Therefore, there are no types of horizontal or vertical joints once the concrete has been projected. Currently Baupanel® System in Spain is one of the best constructive solutions for compliance with the Technical Building Code.

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