Technical Workshops

We offer our clients technical skills and training workshops for work teams, in particular at the time when the system is commissioned. We also offer official approval for installers of the Baupanel system.

These technical workshops are taught by qualified technical personnel and vary in length, depending on the initial level of the participants.

For technical office staff, training includes methods of structural analysis and details of system implementation.

Training for work personnel work includes commissioning the system during the final stages  (placement and bonding of the various parts of the Baupanel system when dry) and the shell and core work (the phase when the  micro-concrete is sprayed).

The System at Exhibitions

We have exhibitions of our construction system for professional groups, public authorities and other public and private entities that may be interested in learning about our construction system.

These presentations are performed by qualified technical personnel; they have an estimated duration of one hour to an hour and a half, depending on the technical level.

Detailed system information is provided during these exhibitions, and there are different levels of technical complexity depending on the requirements of the audience.

Presentations and Events
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